By: Leaf Barret

    Growing up, I’m sure I was like most of you not from Oregon. Stuck in a small city with limited access to marijuana, we basically would buy whatever weed we could get our hands on. That being said, marijuana was very hard to find; when you did, it wasn’t that great. 

    But we never wasted any — not even a leaf! LOL! Back then, there was no such thing as trimming … and seeds — forget about it! 

    Fast-forward 40 years, and marijuana is almost as easily accessible as going to your local liquor store to buy a six-pack — as long as you’re over the age of 21.

    Unfortunately, with so much marijuana at my disposal, I have been noticing that I waste a lot more than I smoke. If I pack a bowl, take a few hits and put it down, maybe this weed is still fine when I come back.  But because it was already burnt, I empty it into the trash and pack a fresh bowl, even though there is half of it left. With joints, when I put one out, I no longer smoke my roach. Is that being a weed aficionado, or snobby of me?

    I’m not the abundance type, nor am I one to waste! So why do I unconsciously waste my perfectly good weed? 

    What’s your point, Leaf …? My point is this: I now waste more weed than some of you have smoked in a lifetime. Why is this? Have I become a weed snob? An aficionado? … Or just plain overwhelmed with weed?! 

    Unlike some of you, I am lucky enough to have weed bestowed on me for sampling, and a lot of you grow your own, so you know what I’m talking about. But for all you shoppers who pay retail (sigh), you probably conserve your weed a lot more than I do. 

    Scraping my bowl is a thing of the past. Smoking old resin — not so much. And if I can’t get that last pain-in-the-ass oil off the parchment paper, I toss it! WHAT IS WONG WITH ME?!?! 

    My advice is don’t pull a “Leaf.” Waste not want not. Pack smaller bowls — and buy more joints!! 


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