What do you think of when you hear the word “cannabis”? … 

    How about the word “box”? …

    Most people would answer “cannabis in a box”! … and that’s OK, but you would be wrong … because that’s illegal. 

    This is why we love the opportunity to more accurately explain the Cannabox concept: Take the idea of cannabis-smoking utilities, and place them in a box. Now you have the Cannabox concept.  

    So what is it really, and how does it work? Simple: Each and every month, Cannabox members receive a new “box” of items, shipped directly to their doors, for the enjoyment of cannabis in new ways. Although we hate to compare ourselves, it’s just how the Dollar Shave Club works, minus the razors. We ship you a fresh, themed box each month with the latest and greatest in smoking gear. 

    Whether it be a pipe, a new glass rig, bong, vape pen or some RAW rolling papers, Cannabox delivers a total-value package right to your door at a 50-percent cost of the retail value! Each box has a new theme! Every month! Every time! 

    Take, for example, the Cannabox Camping Gear Box! Our users receive a plethora of smoking gear perfect for the outdoorsman! It even includes a “thermos water pipe” with a retail value of more than $70! 

    For as low as $16.88, plus shipping, you will receive the ultimate in smoking gear each and every month without having to leave your house! Once again, the savings are more than 50 percent of retail pricing! 

    Cannabox truly is a magical box of smoking goodies shipped directly to you each and every time. 

    About Cannabox: Cannabox is the ultimate, 420-themed subscription service that ships amazing, mystery boxes full of essentials, exclusives and stoney gear each and every month. 


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