Humboldt's Finest Cannabis Vodka

    Using hemp that’s legally grown in Southern Oregon, the team at Humboldt Distillery have taken two vices and blended them into one. Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis Vodka gives off the aroma of fresh cannabis, the small batch vodka doesn’t contain enough THC to get you high, but the alcohol can get you where you need to be. A great replacement for gin cocktails, it’s currently available in California and Colorado.

    Holmes Vaporizer Pipe

    The Peterson of Dublin’s 150th anniversary was designed to honor its Sherlock Holmes line of tobacco pipes; the Holmes Vaporizer Pipe updates the detective’s signature accessory for modern times. It adopts the lines of the character’s deerstalker hunting cap for the bowl, which has an LED indicator that glows orange when you take a drag and buttons on the interior to control the flavor strength. It also has a radical mouth piece, intake, and trigger, and charges wirelessly when placed on its stand.


    Aura Water Pipe

    It’s far too classy to be called a bong. The Aura Water Pipe is a display-worthy smoking apparatus that’s a far cry from the multi-colored glass of your youth. Its well-engineered design starts with the tapered glass chamber, topped by a single matte black part that forms the mouthpiece and down stem, the latter’s length meant to enhance each hit.

    Pufftec Fumo Rolling Wallet

    It looks like any normal wallet; however this one does more than just carry your cards and cash. The Pufftec Fumo Rolling Wallet is the preferred pocket purse for the sophisticated smoker. It’s handmade from vegetable-tanned Italian leather, and has a built-in holder for your iPhone 6 across from spaces for cards and cash. Fold it further, however, and you’ll find an area devoted to America’s favorite herb, consisting of green Italian leather lining, a rolling paper dispenser, and a Makizara rolling dish. It arrives packaged in a tight-fitting wooden box that helps to protect your plants from moisture, keeping them fresh longer.


    Summerland Ceramic Stonerware

    That’s not a typo. Summerland Ceramic Stonerware appeals to a more sophisticated brand of smoker with clean designs that function as both art pieces and pipes. They’re made from cone 5 ceramic and finished with a lead-free, food safe glaze. And unlike most smoking tools, their stark white finishes don’t draw undue attention — unlike the rainbow-hued pipe you bought back in college.


    Tobacco isn’t the only thing you can smoke that benefits from being kept in a controlled environment. The Cannador promises to keep your best bud in peak condition, using a unique system that can absorb or release humidity as needed into the solid mahogany interior. As a result, your pot stays fresh longer and tastes better, is protected from damaging UV light, and unlike in a traditional cigar humidor, is safe from potential mold growth caused by too much humidity; available in a variety of different sizes and configurations, with your choice of a solid walnut or cherry exterior.


    DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

    DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer will allow you to consume your favorite botanicals and oils, all while keeping things inconspicuous. With its glass-on-glass construction, portable design, three-hour battery life, and handy carrying pouch.