Dr. Jolly’s Live Resin ‘Jolly Rolls’ 

    As tested: .6 gram

    MSRP: $14 

    THC: 27.9 percent CBD: 0.01 percent

    Strain: Mendo Breath – Indica

    From first strike, the draw was pleasant and very sweet. Although these pre-rolls claim to have “live resin” included, we never really noticed it. Nor did it catch on fire, so those are both great points. No harsh moments, along with no fire hazard always makes for a good day. Although the label displays a very high testing percentage, we found the high was not overwhelming like we expected, but very mellow and happy. 

    The flavors were both sweet with hints of vanilla and more sweet; and the medicinal attributes are awesome! If you need help relaxing or sleeping, this “roll” is for you. 

    Taste: Sweet, vanilla, sweet. 


    Relieves stress — ★★★★★

    Relives pain — ★★★★

    Fights depression — ★★★★★ 

    Overall grade: B — (We feel it would have done better if MSRP was more reasonable) 


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