By: Leaf Barret

    If you’re up on current events, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed by the hysteria created by mainstream media today. Mass shootings seem to be happening daily, and TRUMP DRAMA headlines almost every paper and dominates digital media! It’s enough to make your head spin!

    But have you also noticed the mainstream shift in American companies’ attitudes?

    For example: healthcare, or the lack of that word “care”? Longer wait times to be seen, call centers that don’t have a human or robo-dialers that call you only to disconnect you from a number that you can’t call back. My personal pet peeve is employees who can’t think for themselves when faced with a dilemma; there is zero common sense or outside-the-box thinking, aside from prompts on their computer screens to fix a problem manually. 

    Thus, the frequent lack of human reply may be less frustrating than the actual reply you get from people who don’t care about your problem because they “just work here” or those owners who only care about making money over your loyalty to their products or services. Another perfect example of such frustration can be found with ANY type of utility, cell or Internet service provider. 

    What happened to: “We’ll take care of that for you”? Or “We appreciate your business”? 

    Instead, a lot of us are treated as if our requests or needs for troubleshooting are outside the scope of an employee whose sole purpose is to be there for us in that exact situation! 

    In turn, the frustrations that come with these situations can cause social issues similar to the old, “kick the dog” adage. You may hang up from a call that got you nowhere except being upset. Plagued by your anger, your next interaction transfers it the next person you encounter; now he or she is upset by your treatment; then he or she treats the next person that way … and so on.

    Something so simple can spark a completely different reaction in someone else who can cause additional reactions from others who may not be socially acceptable to the masses. And now the problem continues to grow. 

    Being part of the solution is simple. Think before you overreact and take a deep breath before you reply to someone who’s treating you poorly. Maybe, just maybe, your positivity will rub off and help to end this downward spiral we all seem to be accepting. If each one of us makes a cognizant decision to be nice, or positive when another is not, it may trickle down to help make the next day for someone a better day than yesterday, and so on …  

    Something to think about. 


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