Dosage: 25.2 mg

    As tested: Recreational  

    Taste: ★★★★★

    THC dosing accuracy: ★★★

    Overall quality: ★★★★

    Available for: both medical and recreational.

    Comments: This was the first time we have reviewed a Chalice edible, and let’s first say that this product — and others they make with chocolate — taste great!! These peanut butter truffles also are designed to be broken into four dosing pieces. However, breaking them apart is not recommended unless you like making a peanut butter mess. This design also may explain why our dosing accuracy is a little off. We found that eating one full piece without breaking it apart is a better way to dose. Again, the taste is great, and there is little to no cannabis flavor. The finish is pure BP and smooth, creamy milk chocolate. Our recreational package was priced right and perfect for a daytime drive. Very nice. 


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