Summer is here!! Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot day after mowing the lawn then a nice glass of iced tea! With cannabis … even better! Just by adding cannabis honey is a simple and delicious twist on iced tea will be a great addition to any afternoon of relaxing in the sunshine.


    2-3 grams kief/fine hash or

    1/4 oz dry high grade Herb

    1 Pitcher of your favorite tea


    3-4 tbs Water

    4-6 oz Honey of your favorite honey


    Ingredients quantities are estimates and may slightly vary.


    In saucepan, combine water and honey and simmer while stirring, until the honey becomes very liquified.

    Once the honey reaches a watery consistency, add powdered hash, kief or crumbled herb. Our goal is to let the herbs oils dissolve into the honey.

    Allow to simmer on med-low while constantly stirring for about 15 minutes.

    When the majority of the active ingredient is absorbed into the honey, it is time to strain the honey. A cheese cloth works best, but use what you got.

    Return activated honey to pan and allow to condense back to the thickness of the honey you started with.

    Once cool, simply mix 1-2 tbs of honey into each glass of ice tea or add honey to anything you would normally add honey to. One glass is usually enough.


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