About US

    During a hot Oregon summer night in 2020, I sat down on my porch and chewed a fruit gummy that I just purchased from a local dispensary. As I gazed over the fields of hemp growing in my front yard, a lightbulb went off: we need to let everyone know what this amazing CBD gummy tastes like. As the pungent smell rose from the field, the idea for Consumable Reports was born. 

    Consumable Reports Magazine’s premise is simple: educate the masses on what they are putting into their bodies, how it tastes and what it does for them. Edible cannabis and CBD products are exploding in popularity, and Consumable Reports will dish out the specifics on the best consumables on the market. And what the industry is trending toward. In each issue, we’ll present dozens of our favorite consumables, from gummies and cookies to water and drinks. If it can be consumed and contains CBD and/or cannabis, Consumable Reports will cover it and provide readers the specifics so they can make informed buying (and consuming) decisions.

    If there are any edible products, you’d like to see us include, please send an email with your suggestions. And we’ll try to get it into the next issue.


    John Oliver

    CEO / Group Publisher